Chefs Story


In the south of Italy cooking starts at an early age. Kids are always around mothers, aunts and grandmothers while preparing food. Andrea has fond childhood memories of making gnocchi with his mum and brother on the kitchen table, pressing out the little potato and flour dumpings with their small fingers. The way they made the gnocchi then is the same technique Andrea uses at The Pheasant today.

Watch a short and fun video of the gnocchi making process!

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Restaurant nr Wigtown, Dumfries & Galloway

Traditional Methodology

Andrea's cocoa ravioli filled with smoked salmon shows his fresh approach to cooking. Whilst he uses a traditional cooking method the contemporary combination of flavours work perfectly to create a unique dish.

His mum was very sceptical when he produced this dish but has since been converted. Not sweet, the cocoa adds a delicate flavour and richness to the pasta which beautifully compliments the fish, the colour is fabulous too!

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